Cost effective and energy efficient solar solutions

Our systems work harder, with fewer materials required, so reducing the cost per watt of green energy, enabling end users to benefit from cheaper, cleaner, renewable energy.

The world continues to change, with increasing focus on improving our planet’s sustainability against a background of increasing populations, increasing demand for energy, and issues relating to global warming.

Sunseeker Energy considers that it’s solar technologies can provide an important contribution to helping address these issues.

About Us

Sunseeker Energy was established in 2006, the founders having identified technological solutions and advancements that could be made when compared to existing solar power solutions that were available at that time.

The Sunseeker Energy technological solutions were driven by what was considered as the likely need for new and increasing alternative energy solutions in the future.

The company undertook an extensive development programme, achieving a number of key technology outcomes, notably;

  • Dual axis tracking
  • Energy management systems
  • High efficiency concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) cells
  • Low production costs through simplified construction methods

In combination, the company consider these advantages can provide a highly cost effective and energy efficient solar solution to users.

The company considers that the increasing demand and pressures from stakeholders – governments and fellow citizens – for more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions, will help to improve the use and uptake of all renewable energy resources.

The technologies as developed by Sunseeker Energy can provide a beneficial contribution to this developing requirement.

As a company, we consider this will be a long term change in global terms – fossil fuels will continue to be used for years to come.

We do believe however, that renewable energy will continue to grow in terms of demand and provision, and that Sunseeker Energy technologies can play an important role in that development.

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