Sunseeker Energy was founded in March 2006 in response to an increasing global focus on climate change. Our mission into provide clean technology solutions that are both highly effective and affordable. Since the beginning of the company Sunseeker Energy has refined its products and services, and now offers licensing power conditioning systems, control systems and control handing systems.

Sunseeker Energy is committed to only offering the highest quality products available. All or products are tested and rated before we manufacture them and our research and testing of new products we sell is an ongoing commitment. Products must prove to have a benefit over existing ones available.

Sunseeker Energy is not simply a developer of energy efficient technologies. We take a comprehensive approach to sustainability asnd given the rapid increase of ressures on our global eco-systems, endeavor for the Sunseeker solar-hybrid systems to provide a local solution to a global problem.


Sunseeker Energy is now and will continue to grow as a leading renewable energy technology specialist, for residential and commercial settings.

With a sustained growth rate of about 40% over the last 10 years, solar and orher renewable energies are the most important growth industry  for a warming planet.


Sunseeker Energy’s brand is aimed at people who want to improve energy efficiency, security and reliability whilst being environmentally responsible.

We are committed to applying commercial and social objectives in the management of our operations so there is minimal negative impact and maximum positive impact on society, the environment and the company.

Our core values are intrinsic to everything we do and frame the way we communicate with our customers, our suppliers, our team and the wider community

  • Environmental
  • Responsibility
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Continuous Leering

Sunseeker Energy's photovltaic cells work harder for you

Sunseeker Energy understands that in order for tou to be part of a renewable energy future, we need to supply efficient solar cells that deliver results whilst saving money in the long-term.

Under ideal conditions, our cells can work harder than flat photovoltaic cells, giving you more energy for your dollar, and now is the right time to invest.

Buying into solar now will protect you against any price rises in energy 15 years down the line, which will allow you to sell tour products or services more cheaply than those businesses relying on ever-scarcer non-renewable fuels, And with governments starting to penalise industries not utlilising ant renewable energy production in as little as 11 years, planning your renewable investment now can make all the difference



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Einsiedlerstr 23 Schindellegi 8834 Switzerland

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